Chain Disk 2048

Chain Disk 2048

In the puzzle game Chain Disk 2048, the player is given a set of disks, each bearing a different number. 

By colliding with one another, the disks with the same number must be combined to win the game. A new disk with a higher number is created when two disks with the same number collide. Until there are no more moves available or the player makes the most moves possible, the game continues.

How to play

To play Chain Disk 2048, the player must control the disks and perfect their shooting technique to cause disks bearing the same number to clash. Coins that can be gathered for bonus points may emerge on the screen as you move the disks forward. 


  • A new spin on the traditional 2048 games
  • Each disk has a number, and in order to construct new ones, players must combine disks with the same numbers.
  • targets for each level to reach
  • Several board choices are available.
  • Free play mode and level mode

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