Ball 2048!

Ball 2048!

In the entertaining math game Ball 2048!, players must match and roll the ball in order to increase the number of balls available for play. Enjoy playing the latest version of the challenging puzzle! 

To advance, expand in size, avoid the spikes, and cross the finish line unharmed, roll your way forward. In the event that you receive two balls with the same number, the sum of the two balls will be added to produce a larger number. As you keep adding, you will eventually reach the number 2048

Watch out for traps, as there are plenty of them to avoid and each one lowers the ball's number to a lower level than it was prior to being captured. As a result, while playing this game, your objective should be to earn the highest score possible. 


  • Three-dimensional graphics that are vibrant.
  • There are countless addictive levels.
  • Enjoyable for all.
  • Developing one's capacity for mathematics.


A mouse is required to play this game. 

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