Cat Simulator

Cat Simulator

Help the 3D cat navigate the 3D world in Cat Simulator. Try to collect as much of the cat food and golden money as you can by finding them all. In this game, there are seven different types of dwellings. You must tour the gardens at each of them.

You can make a mess with all the food the owners have in their homes and scrape the carpets and sofas with your talons. You can also frighten your owner or any other household members. Attempting to be useful by trapping mice is another option. Depending on the time of day, your goal is to gather as many coins as you can. Enjoy playing this brand-new 3D animal game! 


  • WASD or the arrow keys to move 
  • Jump with Space 

Cat Simulator is the ideal game for you if you've ever wondered what it's like to be a lively and mischievous feline. Check out Cat Runner to find more games like that. 

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