Cat Runner

Cat Runner

In the entertaining cat running game Cat Runner, you must track down the thief and explore the limitless running environments!

Play with your favorite cat for hours on end. Run as quickly as you can and rush through the never-ending city scene; it's very simple to control. Control a street cat and try to find as many fish bones as you can. You must avoid trains and other dangers at all costs to avoid losing a life and losing the game. Be safe while attempting to get a high score!

In addition to fish, you can also collect gold bars. Gain experience, spend money on upgrades, and work hard enough to unlock a new character. Play Cat Runner to see how high you can score and how far you can run!


  • Additional options for decoration
  • A number of obstacles, including rats and dogs
  • More scenery to quickly navigate
  • Every age group is welcome.


  • Use the left or right arrow key to change lanes.
  • Use the up arrow key to jump
  • Use the down arrow key to slide.

Be sure to look into the original Temple Run 2 if you enjoy playing Adventure games! Hope you have a great time here!  

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