Burnout Drift

Burnout Drift

You need to get your hands on Burnout Drift right this second since it's a genuine Drift game with beautiful 3D driving visuals. Pressing the gas pedal all the way to the floor will allow you to experience the thrilling rapid drift game.

In Burnout Drift, you may drift in a variety of different ways while you're on the move! Experience the thrill and adrenaline that comes with racing! Personalize your ride to reflect your tastes and interests. You have your choice of a number of different components, including engines, wheels, paint colors, and more. 

As you get started playing, it will be hard to stop yourself from continuing on. You have to floor the throttle pedal, spin your wheels, and really burn some rubber if you want to rack up some points. Your opportunity to demonstrate your skills is just around the corner, so be ready to shine!

Have a good time with the drifting experience in Burnout Drift! Do as much drifting as you can to earn cash, unlock new vehicles, and customize the ones you already have!


  • The actual sounds of the engine and tires
  • A record of past performance measurements.
  • There are ten cars that are prepared to drift.
  • Image effects that are realistic.

Tips for Burnout Drift

  • When it comes to drifting, the Ridge track is by far the most favorable and rewarding option.
  • The longer you maintain the same drift, the more quickly you will rack up point totals.
  • If you have any drift points accumulated and you are involved in an accident, you will lose all of them.


  • Drive with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • To boost, move to the left."
  • Pressing Space allows you to adjust the camera view using Handbrake C.

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