Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters

Drift and drive awesome cars in Drift Hunters! Your point multiplier will increase in proportion to the amount of time you spend drifting.

Race on a variety of difficult racetracks and customize your cars. You can change the engine, turbocharger, transmission, weight, and brakes. In addition, you can tune your cars. Attempt to find the ideal drifting setup. Finally, you can make visual changes by changing the colors of the body and rims.

Drift Hunters features 26 different cars, all of which can be purchased. The Porsche 911 GT is the most expensive car in Drift Hunters, and you start with a Toyota Trueno. The Nissan GT-R is the fastest car. 


  • Over 25 incredible drift cars. Drive your ambitions!
  • Personalization of a vehicle. Paint your car in any color you want using four different types of paint. Change the rims, or paint the rims. Position it
  • Improve your car's performance by skidding more.
  • 15 incredible tracks for drifting, racing, or simply doing burnouts.
  • There are 10 challenge locations, including racetracks and city streets.
  • Earn money by collecting drift points.


  • Use Arrow keys or WASD - Steer and Accelerate
  • Use Space Bar - Handbrake
  • Use C - Change Camera Position
  • Use Left Shift - Shift Up Gears
  • Use Left CTRL - Shift Down Gears

Tips for Drift Hunters 

When approaching corners in the middle of a drift, apply acceleration with caution. On roads without curves, you can keep the drift going by swerving from side to side. Adjust the settings on your vehicles in order to find the optimal point for maximum drift. Play on maps that offer a lot of open space for long stretches of uninterrupted drifting.

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