Ball Drop Blitz

Ball Drop Blitz

Fill a charming pink heart-shaped box with a variety of colorful balls in Ball Drop Blitz.

To improve the level, clear a path for your balls and avoid obstacles. You must make it to the goal with enough balls to win.  A numerical value is displayed beneath the box. Make a tunnel for the balls to freely roll through on their way down till they reach the box by going upstairs. You have a better chance of succeeding at a level in Ball Drop Blitz if you connect with any white balls you come across along the route so that they all turn colored.


Players draw a path for their balls in Ball Drop Blitz by using a mouse or touchscreen. Following the line that has been established, the balls will then start to fall from the top of the screen. 

The game Ball Drop Blitz needs quick thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a steady hand. It is captivating and addictive like other Brain-testing games Dig This. You will enjoy how difficult each level is as you try to beat your previous score and become the best player.

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