Wood Block Tap Away

Wood Block Tap Away

You can have a ton of fun playing Wood Block Tap Away while showcasing your amazing puzzle-solving skills. Will you be able to quickly remove all the wooden blocks from the screen?

You must push all of the cubes out of the path in this difficult block game to clear the board. You'll need to carefully plan your moves and rotate the form by swiping your finger on the screen to find the correct angle because the blocks won't move unless they're facing the right way. The game gets harder to solve as you go since the block forms get bigger and the stages take on new shapes.


  • Themed relaxation based on nature.
  • Decorating mini-game.
  • Developing logic skills.
  • Levels that are both addicting and difficult.


The block can be controlled using the left mouse button.

To earn a lot of money, try to finish it quickly. Can you complete them all, despite how challenging they become? Wood Block Puzzle 2 is the next great choice for you if you love this puzzle game. Let's try! 

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