What a Leg

What a Leg

A pair of legs must be drawn in the 3D casual game What a Leg and attached to the runner in order for them to win the race

You may design the most effective legs in this entertaining free online game to conquer obstacle courses. Play the thrilling game and compete against other legless runners. Use your imagination to quickly direct the runners to the finish line by drawing legs for them. You must depict various limb types on each block to assist the runners with overcoming the hurdles that they will encounter on the various routes. 


Single player mode

To draw legs, use the "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK" keys.

Two player mode

Use the keys listed below to switch between the legs after sketching them at the start of the game.

  • Player 1: Use "W, A, S, and D" 
  • Player 2: Use "ARROW KEYS"

What a Leg fun and excitement that will keep you delighted for hours whether you play by yourself or with a friend. Try to Draw the Rest now if you are looking for brain teaser games with magic lines. Have a wonderful time! 

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