Vex 6

Vex 6

Are you prepared to lead the brave man through the exhilarating levels of Vex 6? There are several novel features and difficulties in Vex 6. You must avoid a variety of challenging traps and obstacles in each level. To avoid harmful spikes, saws, and other obstacles, run, jump, and scale walls.

How to play

To move and restart a level, use the "R" key and the WASD or arrow keys. Use the buttons on the screen for touch devices. You will frequently be slashed, splattered, and beheaded by various lethal devices, just like in previous Vex games. Continue playing until you have mastered the timing and technique if you want to improve and minimize deaths.


  • Avoid harmful traps and perils.
  • daily level increases and new skins for your character.
  • Fullscreen mode usage is cost-free.
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