Vex 5

Vex 5

The fifth platform game in the Vex series is Vex 5. Each level is a maze of lethal traps and devices. To get to the conclusion, you must outwit these obstacles. In this fifth volume, you can expect some of the most difficult trials yet.

How to play

Your goal is to go on to the next act but to accomplish this, you must outwit very difficult obstacles. Playing games and attempting to accomplish each level teaches you to accept failure. Prepare to be active in Vex 5! Complete the new levels, with even more levels to explore, obstacles, traps, and achievements.


  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up hand to jump
  • S or down arrow to crouch (enter an act)

Tips and tricks

Completing a Vex 5 level entails learning to accept failure. Because spikes and spinning blades will repeatedly decapitate you. You learn how to master the level through this terrifying encounter. Then you're transported to the next level to repeat the process.

Everything functions in Vex according to a pattern. It is prudent to wait and observe. Take your time and then make your way past the difficult barriers.

Stickman games with platform gameplay, such as Vex 5, abound. In these VEX games, you may put your responses and perceptual skills to the test.

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