Vex 4

Vex 4

You must escape each level in Vex 4 by sprinting, jumping, and sliding past obstacles until you reach the exit. The game remains mostly unchanged, not only in terms of visuals but also in gameplay; you can run, leap, slide, wall climb, and even swim to avoid obstacles.

However, there is a new feature here: there is now a ghost recorder that you may enable to record your motions throughout the levels, and while this is only an option, it's worth checking out.

How to play

Vex 4 has 9 acts in total, each with fiendish traps and difficult routes to finish. Every turn is fraught with peril. The game controls are diverse but straightforward.

  • To move around, use the left and right arrow keys or the AD keys.
  • Press the up arrow key or the W key to jump. Within the Vex world, you will occasionally come upon small corridors.
  • Crouch and crawl or slide through those little spaces by pressing the down arrow key or the S key.
  • To enter the acts, you'll also need to press the S or down arrow keys.
  • You can use your mouse to examine your character's surroundings while standing stationary.

Vex 7 is the most recent installment in the Vex series. The latest release includes a slew of exciting new features as well as totally new levels.

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