Uphill Rush 11

Uphill Rush 11

In Uphill Rush 11, a new action game in the Uphill Rush games series, players will have the opportunity to experience a variety of unique and thrilling waterslides. Take a look at Uphill Rush 10 and Uphill Rush 12 if you are a fan of this game series. 

It's time to unwind on a cruise ship after surviving the perilous online racing game in the last episode. As you zoom down the waterslides, take in the vista of the exotic islands in the distance. The upper deck of the cruise ship features numerous of swimming pools with spectacular rapids and scary water slides.

Perform spectacular jumps before plunging into the water. In the pool, there are other swimmers, but they must move aside. Try to make it through each slide while gathering cash and gems. You can use them to unlock additional swimmers and quicker tires, inflatable boats, and even jet skis.


Keep your balance by using the arrow keys.

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