Up Hill Racing 2

Up Hill Racing 2

In Up Hill Racing 2, drive your car up the hill and go the required distance to finish the level. 

Your main goals will be to conquer as many challenges as you can and finish first. It won't be easy, however. Earn money to invest in new upgrades. To give oneself a little edge over your competitors, you may purchase nitro bottles. We believe that despite the likely strong competition, you'll prove to everyone how important you are. Find a method to finish first while avoiding causing damage to your car. Failure is not an option, remember that at all times!


  • Get new parts unlocked and upgraded for your favorite vehicle!
  • You may give your character and vehicle whatever appearance you like!
  • Team up with online friends and compete in this mode!
  • Having fun racing in an arcade while doing amazing feats!
  • Weekly events that change the gameplay in interesting new ways!
  • To succeed, jog upward. Win enormous wealth by racing online!


  • Drive with the left, up, and down arrows.
  • To move left, right, or balance, use the arrow keys.
  • Combine Nitro with Shift.

Do you want to take on the hardest driving challenge? Boost your speed, navigate perilous terrain, and conquer Up Hill Racing 2!

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