4.34 is a must-play multiplayer survival game for players of all ages. You must explore an island while extracting materials, building shelters, and doing everything in your power to survive.

Inspired by the mechanics of the popular Minecraft, this truly unique survival game will provide you with hours of entertainment while testing your patience, strength, and intelligence. Join the community, pick your tribe, and take on the other players in an epic battle!


This game is controlled by the keyboard and mouse.

  • WASD to move 
  • Space Bar to Jump
  • Press T to Use microphone
  • Tab to Open inventory
  • Right click Build menu FAQs

How can I level up in 

Crafting items will allow you to gain experience. By pressing Tab, you can get to the Crafting menu.

Can I customise your character in

You certainly can! There are numerous hair and beard styles to choose from. You can also change the size of each body part, the color of your hair, beard, and skin, and even add some tattoos!

What kind of weapons are there? 

There are various melee weapons available, such as a hatchet, pickaxe, torch, and so on. You can also make ranged weapons like a bow or a pistol. If you're feeling old-fashioned, you can simply use your fists.

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