Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat is a board game that consists of a board with checked boxes and a cat that is hidden within one of the boxes. Your mission is to secure it and prevent it from escaping so you can come out on top. You may win this game by being quick on your feet and using strategy. You will need to catch the cat by using a trap. Don't let the cat get away from you!


  • By using your mouse to fill in the areas, you can work toward catching the cat.
  • The cat is constantly moving in any direction it pleases.
  • After each successful try, the color of the spots will change to signify how close you are to successfully trapping the cat.
  • Don't Give the Mouse the Opportunity to Escape!

After finishing the game for the day, players have the option of moving on to a new game called Cat Trap. After you have finished setting your daily cat trap, all that is required of you is to come back and rescue the trapped cat.

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