Trap Craft

Trap Craft

The survival defense game Trap Craft, which is very similar to Minecraft, gives you the opportunity to do battle against an army of zombies. In this amazing game, you must protect the world from the zombie hordes!

It's only been recently that zombies have begun their assaults, therefore we need to lay as many traps as we can in their way. They intend to destroy not just your homes but also everything that is still alive. Utilizing a wide array of weapons, it is your mission to repel an oncoming horde of zombies and protect the newbie training facility. 

In the game of Trap Craft, you have access to a wide array of weapons, such as arrows, swords, stick traps, and more. Utilize the equipment and weaponry at your disposal to halt the progression of the zombie horde toward your residence. Make use of your power-ups when you find that you are unable to stop the waves of zombies.

How to play 

  • Use the "WASD" or the "ARROW KEYS" to Move. 
  • Use your "MOUSE" and the "LEFT-CLICK" to interact with the screen.

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