Traffic Jam 3D

Traffic Jam 3D

Traffic Jam 3D will transport you to a congested road where you must navigate the traffic as quickly as you can.

Prepare yourself for the craziest and most thrilling racing game you've ever experienced. The goal is straightforward: stay clear of all cars and cover the greatest distance in the least amount of time. Put your seatbelts on and play Traffic Jam 3D if you're looking for some entertainment and thrills!

How to play 

All you have to do is demonstrate your driving prowess to your superiors by driving a short distance in your car. Purchase new vehicles, accelerate on the freeway, and enjoy your adrenaline to the fullest!

To operate the car, press WASD or the arrow keys.

Traffic Jam 3D Features

  • Four game modes.
  • Attractive visuals and effects.
  • Scenarios include highway, desert, and city.
  • Different dates, including morning, evening, and night time.
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