Tower Match

Tower Match

Tower Match is a game of skill and reaction time that you simply must play. Do not pass it up! 

You will be able to relax his logic in this game. Because all you need for this game are quick reflexes and keen eyes. The largest structures in human history can now be rebuilt, and the world's most renowned regions can be explored! In order to expand your building, all you have to do in this game is add floors one at a time. The left and right sides of the screen will start to fill with tower fragments. To win the game, you must properly align each floor with the next.  It's bad if they lean too far to the right or left.


  • Beautiful and vivid visuals, thank you.
  • user-friendly interface for players.
  • Locations that can be unlocked.
  • Rewarding discoveries await you each day.
  • Options for boosters.


Only tap or click and drag. Even if a tile doesn't match another, it can still be switched. 

Let's start now! 

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