Tomb of the Mask Neon

Tomb of the Mask Neon

Tomb of the Mask Neon is a coloring arcade game that features 2D pixel animation.

In order to color while avoiding obstacles and bats in this game, you had to move the yellow brush. You are forced to complete every blank in each stage. You can test your mettle across 25 levels of mazes, neon visuals, and labyrinths. Let's see how quickly you can finish the entire game now!


  • Vintage-looking colorful graphics
  • 25 levels ending with a special level
  • Easy and fun controls
  • Funky videogame music


USE THE ARROWS to move. 

In each level, you have to race through the maze while exploring a tomb full of valuable coins. Be careful not to get caught in any of the traps you will find along the way. 

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