They Are Coming

They Are Coming

In the incredibly entertaining arcade game They Are Coming, you play as the last line of defense against an approaching enemy invasion. Have fun with our Stickman games collection right now! 

To stop any adversary that tries to invade your region, gather as many pals as you can and strengthen your firepower by acquiring new weaponry. To hold the line in this action-packed online game, grab your rifle. As you struggle to make it through each deadly stage, take out waves upon waves of adversaries.

The goal is to get to the border with as many soldiers as you can, therefore look for the highest multipliers and stay away from routes that divide or remove soldiers.


  • Graphics in vivid three dimensions.
  • Design of a humorous figure.
  • Each new level introduces a higher level of challenge.
  • Overcoming obstacles such as adversaries and traps.


Make use of the mouse to exercise control over your character.

You receive coins and experience for completing each level, which you can use to buy more soldiers or the ability to make money whenever you fulfill an objective.

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