Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

For players of all ages, Tanuki Sunset is a fun third-person longboard skating game! Do you like riding a tiny piece of wood on wheels quickly down a narrow road?

As Tanuki the raccoon, you play the part. You like to skateboard down progressively dangerous streets and places. As you skate, you gather little coins here and there that act as a universal currency to open new boards, wheels, trucks, and outfits.


  • WASD or Arrow key to move
  • S or down arrow to do a 180-degree slide
  • Space bar to drift

Tanuki Sunset Tips 

  • You can gather icons in the form of a cassette, a baby raccoon pleading for help, and a ringing phone.
  • Ride into the floating tape to radically alter the soundtrack and visual style of the game.
  • Answer the dangling phone for a new objective.
  • Catch the tiny raccoon that is flying out on a balloon to get a companion to descend with you!
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