Tallman Dunk Rush

Tallman Dunk Rush

The popular running game Tallman Dunk Rush features an easy-to-control scheme. 

You are about to participate in the most fantastic running game available to you right here. You are in for a long and difficult race if you choose to play this game. As you ascend, you'll have a better chance of reaching the baskets along the path and hitting the ball. You will lose a fraction of your height with each collision you endure. You will move on to the next level once you have crossed the finish line. 

How to play

To effectively dunk the ball, you must drag the short players and collide them. Keep in mind to avoid anything that is higher than you. 

It may appear easy, but you can only overcome all of your challenges without taking a single hit if you are quick and agile in your decision-making. Avoid anything that is higher than you. Aim to avoid running into smaller people. Only use the baskets that correspond to your height when making baskets. Try to finish the course and multiply your score by the highest number. 

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