Stickman Home Escape

Stickman Home Escape

In the entertaining adventure game Stickman Home Escape, you must figure out how to leave your house.

Today, Stickman and his beloved must meet in the municipal park. The issue is that our hero discovered he was locked in his house when it was time to leave for an appointment. You must now assist our guy in the Stickman Home Escape game in leaving his house.

To win at Stickman Home Escape, you'll need to employ all of your mental capacity. Stickman receives a severe punishment for stealing from his parents and consequently misses his date with the love of his life.


To make your selection, use the left mouse button to click.


  • Highlights A cute love story between two people.
  • Surprising possibilities and outcomes.
  • Unlockable extra possibilities.

Your decisions as you move through numerous objects and plot events will determine how your stickman character fare. Prepare yourself for a fascinating journey of discovery. Check out Mental Hospital Escape and try to find a way out of the hospital if you enjoy this entertaining escape game! 

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