- Conquer the World - Conquer the World

You really must get your hands on the captivating real-time strategy game - Conquer the World! You'll need to be patient and call on all of your extensive fighting expertise if you want to succeed in an exciting game that's based on turn-based combat.

It is important to pay serious consideration to the success of both your offensive and defensive strategies in this game because it will decide how far you get. Your mission in - Conquer the World is to defeat all of your enemies and turn the entire region into a sea of the color of your flag. In order to achieve this objective, you will need to simultaneously move your troops from one territory to another while engaging in conflict with forces that are very powerful.

How to play

Note the number that appears for each territory. The total number of soldiers required to occupy the space is indicated here. It should go without saying that you cannot try to take over a location if your opponents outnumber your forces.

Drag a line to the area you want to occupy. Your army will be advancing in that way, you'll see. Undoubtedly, your adversary will strike at the same time. Only one unit will be remaining.

Play this epic war game and lead your army to victory to show off your mastery of military tactics.

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