Stack Colors

Stack Colors

Welcome to Stack Colors. To build the biggest structure possible, stack as many different colored blocks as you can on top of one another.

To succeed, you must collect enough boards while avoiding every challenge. Only the boards of the same color were collectible. You will lose the boards you have already gathered if you collect the incorrect boards. I sincerely hope you enjoy playing Stack Colors and beating all 46 levels!

How To Play

To drop the block onto the stack, click the mouse, tap the screen, or press the spacebar.


  • Speed skills testing.
  • Acquire blocks of various colors.
  • Graphics in vivid three dimensions.
  • Increase your current score.

Grab as many bricks as you can, then tap quickly in the direction of the goal to launch them into the air. The further they move, the more force you apply and the more blocks you have.

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