Snowball Racing

Snowball Racing

Snowball Racing is a fantastic 3D hyper casual racing game that is suitable for the winter.

Making your snowball as large as you can and outlasting your rivals is all that is required. By guiding the stickman through the snow, you can create a sizable snowball. Use it to cover the stair with snow, then use the stair that matches your stickman's color to complete the bridge. For a high score, climb to the top first, then cross the finish line and throw the last snowball.


Use the mouse to move your stick figure. 

Snowball Racing FAQs

Who is allowed to compete in snowball races? 

Players of all ages can enjoy the arcade game Snowball Racing. This game is suitable for youngsters and is not blocked.

Can I play Snowball Racing for free online using my PC?

Of sure, I say! You can play the game without downloading anything. Even in full-screen mode, the gaming experience is significantly improved.

How does this game work?

To move the mouse, continue to depress the left click button.

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