Snake Island 3D

Snake Island 3D

A thrilling snake island survival game is Snake Island 3D. It's a must-try if you enjoy snake games collection.

You begin as a snake and must use your mouse or finger to navigate the various islands. There are many environments and fruits available on every level. Just gather fruits to lengthen yourself is the only objective. You should eat fruit to make yourself longer, but your ultimate objective should be to get rid of all of your foes on the island so that you may stay alive.

You have the option of playing in either the racing mode or the survival mode. . Also, as you gain levels, you will have the opportunity to unlock even more incredible skins. You receive diamonds and money for your accomplishments at the conclusion of each level in Snake Island 3D. Using the coins, more snakes may be purchased. The small snake creatures are certainly quite amusing to look at.

How to play 

  • Move your snake on the island with the mouse or finger. 
  • Use your mouse or finger to move your snake about the island.

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