Slither through a brand-new competitive Snake game while attempting to endure as long as you can! Find out who in your group of friends can be the biggest worm in Snake! This game on our website is made to run quickly and smoothly, and the controls work with any mobile device. Snake has never enjoyed himself or been so competitively inclined!

How to play

Slither through a field of food and eat for your snake to grow. Snake starts out as a little worm and eats its way through each level in an effort to get bigger. To live as long as possible, eat as many apples as you can. Use the arrow keys to move your snake, and the space bar to stop. Be careful to avoid eating your tail or colliding with a wall! Play in full-screen mode to have an amazing experience!


  • You can challenge a friend in double-player mode.
  • Play games with lightning-fast performance on any device.
  • game with fluid gameplay and portable joystick controls

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