Slope Racing

Slope Racing

The best running game that will put your abilities to the test is Slope Racing. For a better score, try to gather every gem you come across. 

It is an addictive 3D running game with excellent controls and breathtaking speeds. In this game, your objective is to guide a ball as far as you can through an endless tunnel. But it's not that easy; there are many hazards and pitfalls in your path that you must avoid at all costs!

Drive your car down various grades and gather coins to buy a new one or access other environments, like the desert. Making the ball roll while preventing it from touching the inclined buildings' surface is the object of the game. Avoid stepping into them to prevent a fall and a loss. 


Arrow keys are used to move the car. 

How far can you go before you hit the ground? If you had enjoyment playing Slope Racing, you might also like the game Slope Game, which is yet another entertaining online game.

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