Sausage Flip

Sausage Flip

In Sausage Flip, it's time to release the sausage! To get away from the hands holding you, jump and flip. You can escape if you can get to the wall and breach it.

Join us on this glorious adventure, and do your best to complete every level. In this amusing game of sausage flipping, try to flip a sausage and reach the finish line. Simply flip, jump, and stick the sausage as far and as far away as you can. Easy enough, right? However, it's trickier than you think in Sausage Flip!

The game's stunning graphics are made in a 3D style. Between the sausage and the endpoint, there will always be a gap and numerous obstacles. To take the courageous sausage's difficult route, you must exhibit the wonders of dexterity and maneuverability.


Simply move your finger or the mouse backward to aim, and then release it when you're ready.

Sausage Flip FAQs

Who is the creator of Sausage Flip?

Madbox is the creator of Sausage Flip. Other renowned skill games are available, such as Stickman Hook Rescue and Parkour games.

How do I access the free Sausage Flip game?

Sausage Flip is currently available here at no cost.

Can I use my phone or computer to play Sausage Flip?

Both a computer and a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, can be used to play Sausage Flip

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