Santa Parkour

Santa Parkour

Santa Parkour is the perfect fusion of holiday games and parkour games. Presents are now delivered by parkour Santa. Remember that returning to the game will earn you daily coin rewards.

Avoid collisions by jumping to keep Santa moving and safe. In this thrilling new game, you have to jump on icy roofs while avoiding obstacles. Click to jump and roll after you land. Experience the thrill of flying through the air. To learn new moves, collect power cards. What number of gifts can you help Santa with this year?


  • Playing parkour is difficult.
  • Beautiful holiday and winter rooftop scenes.
  • Amass one-of-a-kind attire.
  • Discover new parkour skills.


Tap, click, or jump. Tap or click twice to jump twice. Before you lose all three of your lives, gather as many coins as you can and travel as far as you can.

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