Run Boys

Run Boys

Run Boys is the most recent addition to our library of running games. This game will test your ability to conquer obstacles in a variety of forms. 

Join the group and give it your all to outperform everyone using fantastic parkour! Alongside a plethora of other online mobile competitors, navigate crazy hurdles. To have a chance of winning, compete against groups of other players in absurd races and bizarre venues filled with hilariously challenging obstacles. During this knockout race, anyone is welcome to engage in combat, run, and enjoy themselves ridiculously! As soon as possible, achieve the objective.  


  • Playable variations of the game modes.
  • Design that is both wild and colorful.
  • Simple and natural operation.
  • Gameplay that is both challenging and addicting.
  • Several unlockables and personalization options to choose from.


To move around and jump, press the Spacebar while holding down the arrow buttons.

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