Rolly Vortex

Rolly Vortex

Rolly Vortex is an amazingly entertaining game that encourages you to compete in a thrilling tubular race filled with emotions.

In this game, players must take advantage of any opportunity to send the ball to the center of the rotating shield. The whirling hood will have a gap in the center. You need to understand the law of hood rotation to enable the ball to launch at the appropriate time when compared to a friend who can obtain a higher score.

How to play

Move rapidly and avoid obstacles to shatter your own and everyone else's records, and have fun playing the game.

The controls in Rolly Vortex could not be simpler. You simply glide your finger across the screen to move the ball. This maneuver, along with a bit of forethought, will ensure that nothing stands in your way.

Rolly Vortex Tips

Slide side-to-side: Despite the cylindrical structure of the vortex you're rolling down, you shouldn't slide around the circle to get the ball to move; instead, simply slide left and right on the screen.

Don’t lift off: Lifting your finger is tempting, but when you put it down again to make little tweaks to your trajectory, your gadget may take a brief second to recognize your press, and if it thinks you've moved slightly, it may put the ball in danger's path.

Dancing on the ceiling: While you're up there, remember that sliding right on the screen will send your ball to the left, and vice versa. Although it is conceivable and may be useful in a hurry, we recommend staying on the bottom half of the screen, as this is where most of the openings will be.