In the daily browser game Redactle, the player must identify the topic of a chosen Wikipedia page that has been obscured. With the help of this update, the game gains new features like letter counts for the redacted text and the capacity to create unique or random games and distribute their game codes to others.

Redactle is challenging, like Semantle. At your own peril, try it.


You will be required to guess words from a Wikipedia article that has been so heavily redacted that it resembles the Mueller Report. The article will become simpler to parse as you eventually identify words that were previously censored. You succeed when you correctly guess the article's title. Wikipedia's 10,000 Vital Articles provide the daily right response (Level 4). In other words, topics like List of classical music concerts with a rowdy audience response or Bread dildo (yep, it's a real article) are not acceptable topics for articles. Instead, topics like Greco-Roman wrestling, algebraic topology, or Ralph Waldo Emerson are acceptable topics. The House of Medici was the right response on Thursday.

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