Real Drift Multiplayer

Real Drift Multiplayer

The 3D simulation game Real Drift Multiplayer features drift racing.  Choose one of the three cars, then start drifting right away.

You can get a taste of the thrill of real drifting with Real Drift Multiplayer. Choose from various road conditions as you compete against friends in single-player or multiplayer games. Take down the racetracks in 3 Audi automobiles by using your drifting abilities. Navigate a track that has been specifically created for drifting.


  • You may feel the true floating sensation thanks to realistic physics and controls. 
  • Play multiplayer vs friends or single-player mode of the game.
  • Drift is a common occurrence on a variety of highways, including those that are illuminated at night or covered with snow.
  • Select from a variety of Audi models, each with unique handling and performance.
  • Get ready to take the wheel of very competent automobiles and make them drift at breakneck speeds on realistic courses.


To drive your automobile, use the arrow keys and the mouse. 

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