Police Car Cop Real Simulator

Police Car Cop Real Simulator

Police Car Cop Real Simulator game will take you on a brand new journey where you will face off against criminals in a large city where civilians are in need of your assistance.


You are free to enter and exit your vehicle at any time. This is an open-world game about the police department. As a police officer, you have the ability to intervene when people are fighting, disturbing others, or causing traffic accidents. Carry out your role as a police officer and respond to reports in order to locate and apprehend criminal drivers, which will assist in cleaning up the city streets.

There is a wide variety of automobiles available. You should run over the criminals with your vehicle and take care of them before they can cause any trouble for innocent bystanders. In your struggle against evil, you can also make use of firearms and other kinds of weapons. Ensure that your character is in good health and does not face any danger. It will be necessary to complete the missions within the allotted time frames. Let's move!

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