Playful Kitty

Playful Kitty

In a simple rolling ball game, Playful Kitty tasks players with destroying bricks or wooden boards in the appropriate sequence in order to win the game's prize: a ball of yarn. Would it be possible for you to get the wool ball to the cat so that it can play with it?

The ball of yarn is one of our pet kitten's favorite toys to play with. Make use of your knowledge of physics to clear the way for the ball of yarn to roll over to the cat for some interactive playtime fun. Make an effort to solve each of the 24 puzzles. You can earn the highest possible score in each level by collecting coins as you make your way there.

How to play

To give the ball of yarn directional momentum in response to the gravitational force that is pulling it downward, you must first click on a brick or board that is destructible.

In order to guide the yarn toward the kitten, you may need to smash additional bricks and boards.

Tips for Playful Kitty

  • On levels where the ball does not roll right away, it may make sense to test breaking various parts to see how they will interact and then restart the level when you have your strategy ready.
  • If you can't get all three coins on a level, just pass it with fewer coins and return to it after you've completed the other levels.
  • Some levels require you to hit bricks and sticks in quick succession.

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