PinBall Brick Mania

PinBall Brick Mania

PinBall Brick Mania is a classic arcade game with a simple shoot-em-up mechanic. Are you ready to go right into this competition?

Aim and fire at the geometric shapes in front of you, first with a single ball and later with numerous balls, until you've hit them enough times for them to disappear. To increase your score, stack the balls in a "+" shape. Carefully shatter the entire structure before it reaches the pinnacle. 

You can practice your aim, pick up multiplication skills, and watch as the white balls bounce their way through the screen and smash every block of numbers. Go as far away as possible from the geometric shapes with numbers on them. Increasing your shooting accuracy and ball count requires regular contact with other balls.

How to play

Shoot the ping pong ball at the numbered block and try to hit the "+" target to receive more shots and a higher score. Aim by holding down the left mouse button while using the mouse or a finger.

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