Penalty Kick Sport Game

Penalty Kick Sport Game

Penalty Kick Sport Game is an entertaining online sports game that you should try to play.

You must correctly target the ball to the goal, shoot it, and gain a point if you score a goal! If the goalkeeper gets three balls, you are going to lose the game. The game's speed is gradually increased to make it tougher. Let everyone see how good you are at soccer!

How to play

  • Start the penalty shootout right away. Take on challenges, play kicker, or defend.
  • To kick the ball, use the left mouse button or swipe.

Select your favorite player and try to win all of your matches to become champion. You have 15 attempts to score as many goals as possible. Can you outscore the goalie?


  • Ball physics is extremely realistic
  • Swipe and flick are simple and intuitive controls
  • Defeat numerous soccer challenges
  • Play as a kicker or a defender
  • Score the goal by kicking right through the defense
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