Penalty Kick Online

Penalty Kick Online

In the soccer game Penalty Kick Online, you take the penalties. There are 15 opportunities for you to score goals.

You need to put the ball over the goalkeeper's crossbar in this free-kick game. You can show off your online gaming achievements by finishing your trophy collection. The team's penalties are your responsibility to execute. Making the right shooting direction choice will help you gauge the strength of your shot.

How to play

  • Hold your breath, then fire! Create as many goals as you can.
  • Click and drag your mouse across the ball to make a kick as the kicker. Take care not to swipe too far or you might miss it!
  • As the goalkeeper, move your cursor to block the shot.

Penalty Kick Target and Football Superstars 2022 are two games to try if you want to find more like them. One of the features of the game is a leaderboard for friends and the world where you can compete for high scores.

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