Pac Xon

Pac Xon

In Pac Xon, use a clever talent to defeat a lot of bothersome ghosts. The objective is to construct barriers and rid the area of ghosts that are Pacman-inspired. 

Building walls will fill up empty space and keep spirits at bay. To advance to the next level, you must fill up 75% of the vacant area. Avoid ghosts since touching one would result in death. a member of the golden arcade named Pac Xon

To travel even quicker and increase your chances of avoiding the ghosts contacting your wall, gather fruits. Make careful to constantly maintain a safe distance because if they touch it while you are creating, it will be destroyed. It is considerably harder to capture the red ghosts since they are particularly terrible because they are consuming your walls. 


  • Yellow Candy: Ghosts are scared of you
  • Cherries: Boost your speed.
  • Orange:  Help you go more slowly
  • Strawberry: Ghosts temporarily cease moving.
  • Make clever use of these power-ups to your advantage! 


Brick walls may be built and moved using the controls' arrow keys. 


  • Engrossing and compelling gameplay.
  • Authentic Pac-Man noises and aesthetics.
  • Pac Xon is given a variety of power-ups to devour.
  • 50 difficult levels to go through.

Each level will become harder as you go along and need more expertise to advance. Each level grants you three lives, and there are a total of 50 levels. Keep an eye out for ghosts prowling the area. The game will end if the ghosts hit any portion of your character or the wall line you are creating. 

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