The popular word-guessing game Wordle has been given a number makeover, and the result is Nerdle. In this round, rather than guessing words, you will get a total of six chances to guess equations. However, the clues in the game may still be difficult to figure out what they mean.


You have six chances to solve the Nerdle puzzle. Following each guess, the color of the tiles will shift to indicate how close you got to the actual solution with your guess. Take a look at the video.


Every hunch can be thought of as a calculation.

You have the options of using either 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + - * / or =.

It must have at least one "=" in it.

To the right of the equal sign, there must be only a number; there cannot be additional computation.

The standard order of operations must be followed, therefore compute * and / before + and -; for example, 3 plus 2 times 5 does not equal 25.

If the response 10+20=30 is what we are looking for, then we will also accept the answer 20+10=30 (unless you turn off 'commutative answers' in settings).

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