Moto X3M

Moto X3M

A fantastic bike racing game with 22 difficult levels is called Moto X3M. Grab your motorcycle, put your helmet on, and get some airtime over the obstacles to win the race on the incredible off-road circuits.

How to play 

Your goal is to complete all 22 levels, overcome every challenge, and emerge as the new champion. Drive swiftly, but watch out for upcoming obstacles. Try to finish each level as quickly as you can, but watch out not to lose control of your motor. To earn stars and purchase a new motorcycle, try to complete each level as quickly as you can!


To control the motorcycle's acceleration, deceleration, and tilt, use the keyboard arrow keys.

Moto X3M Features

  • Numerous difficulties and problems
  • Gain more stars by finishing in less time.
  • Spend money on brand-new motorcycles
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