Mob Control

Mob Control

Prepare to start on an extremely addicting and informal arcade game called Mob Control! Increase the size of your audience to battle the bad guys!

To keep the mob under control in Mob Control, you must recruit warriors and expand your numbers! They have no chance with the appropriate calculations and a little luck! Let us prepare you for this task and save the city!

How to play

The player must reach the checkpoints, defeat the opposing guards, and reach their base with a high enough number to take it down over tough platforms and number portals. You must analyze your alternatives and send your guys via the most beneficial portals to accomplish this. You will fire a little gun. Ahead of you will be an opponent who will use all of his power to protect himself and his castle. Be cautious with combos; some platforms need your warriors to pass through two portals in a row.

Let no opponent fighters to get too near to your gun; one touch will disqualify you. Emphasize defense and remain safe while delivering consistent blows to the opposing base. To keep up with the escalating difficulties, increase your attack speed in the main menu. How many individuals can you assemble?


  • 3D graphics in vibrant colors
  • Extremely difficult matchmaking system
  • Gifts and incentives
  • Coming soon: new features and a gaming store

Tips for Mob Control

Examine the multiplier gates' numbers and use your arithmetic abilities to select the path that will result in the greatest number of warriors. You can fire an extra powerful giant from your cannon when the power meter indicated next to it is full. Look to see how near you are to going forward before releasing your giant; else, he may go to waste

How to play

In Mob Control, you must join a group of stickmen in challenging fights against mobs of enemies. However, this isn't all, as you can also brutally multiply the number of stickmen in your group. You just need to swipe horizontally to move the canon that shoots your stickmen wherever you need them to go.

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