Love Tester Julie

Love Tester Julie

If you want to know whether the person you like will like you back, check out our Love Tester. Is it true love or simply friendship? With our love calculator, you'll learn in no time. Our Love Tester will tell you if your hearts are beating in unison. If you want to know if you and your partner will have a successful future together, use the real love test calculator right now. It's a fun love test that will give you a hint about who you should go out with.

How to play

Love Tester is a numbers game, so forget about emotions. Simply enter your name into the box, followed by the names of your crushes, and you'll find out if you were made for each other! The love calculator is accurate.

You can add up to three people to the analysis. Check out your compatibility and share the results with your friends!


  • Enter the names of up to three crushes.
  • Select the gender of each crush.
  • Run the analysis to determine who is best for you.
  • Share your findings with your friends.