Knock Em All

Knock Em All

The ragdoll action in Knock Em All is played in a humorous 3D environment. You have to defeat the approaching dummies in order to go forward and make it across the finish line.

In order to emerge victorious from this competition, you will need to make your way through a series of bizarre levels that each contain a wide variety of interesting elements. You have access to a gun that can fire projectiles, which will allow you to dispose of any foes that have the audacity to get in your way. 

With Knock Em All, the entire action can be viewed in three dimensions. This makes progressing through the game more enjoyable as you eliminate challenges and opponents along the way. You can move on to the next level and keep fighting only if you cross the finish line of each level that you play in the game successfully.

How to play

You will have control of a gun that can travel both to the left and to the right on its own. It is necessary to shoot the balls that are launched when you click in order to eliminate all of the dummies that stand in your way. If you are successful in eliminating all of them, the level will be considered finished. Have fun! 

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