Impostor vs Noob

Impostor vs Noob

You should be prepared for an intense gaming experience while playing the video game Impostor vs Noob.

In this thrilling journey set in the cube world, you'll take on the role of a traitor on a mission to defeat all enemies and go on to the next level. Your character, an impostor, must defeat each foe on the current level in order to go on to the next one. In the world of the cube, you're in for an exciting adventure filled with endearing characters, compelling gameplay, and intriguing settings. Take the test and become a real professional impostor!

How to play

Help your hero get to the next stage. Once your goal has been taken into account, you should let go of the right mouse button. You have to defeat every adversary in the level to go on.


  • Shoot the newbie with a gun.
  • Because to the exciting dynamics, every level is unforgettable.
  • There are almost 100 interesting and colorful levels.
  • There are many different biomes, such as lava, grass, sand, and sandstone, as well as the ocean! 

Be prepared for a fascinating journey filled with unique levels, enjoyable gameplay, and lasting characters. Can you pass the examination and prove that you are an actual, skilled impostor? 

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