The internet hit Among Us has been condensed into Impostor. An imposter on this spaceship in this arcade game is actually you! To complete your mission, sabotage and remove the ship's crew. Before they figure you out, can you eliminate the remaining crew members?

This game is for you if you enjoy playing as the Impostor the most despite how much fun it is to use your deductive and detection skills. You are constantly the Impostor in this unrestricted version!

How to play

To move, click with the mouse or tap the on-screen joystick.

Impostor Tips

  • Perform tasks and move about the ship to sabotage it and the space mission. The Crewmates will sprint off to complete their tasks at the start of each round. Believe you are one of them.
  • Before the real crewmates can finish their tasks, destroy the equipment and the oxygen generator.
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