Idle Robots

Idle Robots

The newest type of idle game online is Idle Robots, which you should try right away!  

We can now construct mechanical bodies out of pieces and program their minds to work for us. All you have to do is write your own robot's programming from scratch. You can use this game to create your own android, discover new species, and earn money for your efforts. You may construct each component of your robot in this peaceful game by making wise decisions! 

How to play

  • Start off by clicking on the batteries to get a few dollars. 
  • On the screen's top, click Follow Your Funds.
  • Click on the bottom-level parts to spend them on new ones. 
  • By pressing the multiplier button beneath the battery, you can multiply the number of your recent purchases. 
  • To increase the effectiveness of your purchases, visit the upgrades tab and then go back to the store. 
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